About me

About me:

I’m 21 years old. Or well turning 21 this August! So I’d use this and put:


  1. Sydney Australia is my home but I do spend half of my year in Queensland!
  2. I’m Filipino and moved here when I was about 12/13 years old
  3. I used to volunteer in community centers. And looking to start doing that again!
  4. I LOVE writing. It’s a good outlet for me and I love sharing my opinion on topics that I feel like should be addressed more often with sensibility.
  5. This year I will enroll to a language school because I want to learn another language!
  6. I express my emotions a lot and don’t mind answering things about me. But people still think I’m hard to figure out.
  8. I love reading books. I read Fiction/Non- Fiction and most areas of topics.
  9. I have basic guitar skills.
  10. Photography is one of of my hobbies and interest. I don’t take the best pictures but hey! Keep living the dream!
  11. Mimi Silbert. Look her up. She’s a good role model although she doesn’t know me! it’s just good to have someone to look up to!
  12. Family is very important to me.
  13. My sister are my first role models (before Mimi Silbert) I aspire to be as successful as them.
  14. Dating is not one of my priorities. Fortunately I found someone who supports me and understand by business.
  15. I believe in happy endings as much as I am realistic.
  16. I would do anything for the people that matters to me.
  17. I’m a horrible Dancer!
  18. I rarely cook but when I do… YOU WILL WANT TO HIRE ME AS YOUR PERSONAL CHEF!
  19. Coffee is life. So are tea, pizza, meat, and KOREAN BBQ!
  21. I’m not one to judge. I either like something or don’t care about it at all.

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