Does this happen to anyone else?

Ever feel like you just can’t connect with anyone? That’s what I’ve been feeling lately, which sucks so bad. I get asked out on dates a decent amount of time, and I don’t know ifΒ  I just don’t see the people that I go on dates with romantically or I just don’t know how to connect with people anymore. It just fizzles out because of the lack of effort on my part, and the sad part of this is that I just don’t feel guilty at all even though I see them putting the effort in and I’m not even bothered contacting them for days or weeks at a time.

Even with my family and friends, we talk, they tell me about their days, their issues at work or with each other if they have any and when I’m asked about me, I’m just not bothered saying anything more than the basic things that I tell people. Never anything deeper. I give them advice, positive advice, my sister even told me that it’s nice talking to me because I’m so impartial and I don’t say negative things about people, but that’s just because I tell her what I would do in order to avoid drama or because I don’t really care enough about other people to say anything negative about them.

I feel like I could cry anytime and I don’t even know why, or just leave everyone and not care at all, which I know I could do because I have done it in the past. Is this weird?

I see people I interact with, I think and wonder and study why they do things that they do, I try to figure out what kind of people they are and then when I talk to them, they would tell me everything about themselves and they would feel so happy about my hospitality towards them and they don’t even realize until later on that they don’t know much about me except for the fact that they think I’m a good listener, I give good advice, and other basic stuff like what I study, instruments I can play. Anything deeper than that? Nothing. Sometimes I feel like its because there’s nothing more. There’s nothing I like or dislike enough to share. Does this happen to anyone else?


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