Is it hard to be bisexual?

I think this depends on each person. I have it easier than others, but not as perfect as some. My family doesn’t know about my sexuality, or I think they know but it is something that they do not ask or talk about because we are a part of a semi-religious family. Don’t get me wrong, they are not homophobic, we have very close friends who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community but it’s still different when it is actually in the family. I know if I tell them, they would accept me, but I also know they would wish that I end up with a guy. Being bisexual helps a lot. When I’m dating a guy I can share this with them, but it does still make me sad that there is a part of me that I cannot share with them.

Sometimes, people say just tell them, they’ll be okay. But you will never know the struggle unless you have gone through it or are going through it. The gravity of being something that all your life is something that you know is not completely approved of my many people’s belief and by society. But not everything is final. I know that one day, everything will be okay. When I developed the courage to be honest, the courage to tell them the complete truth about me, they will be there.

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