More than once?

What does love mean to you? And yes I do mean the romantic kind. Do you think you were in love with the people that you were in relationships with? The ones that you have said ‘I love you’ to in the past? Or do you think you have never been in live before?

It may be a naive thing to say but for me, I believe we can only fall in love once. Although I don’t think that we all end up with that one person. I think some of us would meet that person at the wrong time, or meet them too late and we end up with someone who we do love butΒ  not in the same way that we were in love with or could have been in love with ‘the one’. I believe that everyone else that we do end up loving, but were not ‘in love with’ well, we were just supposed to learn lessons from them and vice versa, they were just supposed to teach us a lesson and expose us to things that we need in order to be the person that we would like to be in the future. Maybe we were meant to just help them or for them to help us in some way before ‘the one’ comes along.

And I think that there are those unfortunate ones. Those who do meet the person that they were supposed to fall in love with but didn’t, or they did fell in love but they were not able to make it work. I think that those who were not able to make it work, were those who were so consumed by their feelings, and they did not know how to balance it out, the love, the jealousy, and everything else. And then there are those few lucky ones, those who met at the right time, with the right person.

What do you think when it comes to love?


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