Where does time go?

Where does time go? It’s inevitable that we use it. It’s just a matter of how and if we are truly making the most out of it. Take pictures, go on trips, have fun with your friends, dream, work towards it and make it come true, read a book, watch a movie, laugh, cry, fight and make-up.

Little Clock Tower in Bomaderry
Little Clock Tower, Bomaderry

Monday Motivation: Where does time go?

This depends on you. Does it go towards usefulness or are you wasting it waiting for the ‘perfect time’ that’s never gonna come. Don’t wait. Make it happen.

It’s your choice where your time goes. Use it to see people who mean to you and help you succeed. Don’t waste it on people who are toxic and you know will bring you down. Use it to explore, to get to know yourself, don’t just sit and wait for things to happen, for things to find you, look for them. Those who look will always discover.

“Don’t wait. The Time will never be just right”.

Napoleon Hill

If you want to reach success, make today your day. Make this your time. Don’t wait for the “perfect timing”, make it the perfect timing otherwise you will be waiting forever. You will be waiting while everyone else is moving on. Don’t be the one who waits, don’t be the one who watches everyone else go while you stay put where you are. Walk with them, run with them. Lead them.

Be the leader, be the new person to look up to.

So, where does your time go?

Are you using it wisely? Or are you one of those people, waiting for the right time?

Are you spending your time with the right people? Those who support and love you? Are you enjoying every minute and second of it?



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